Trimble/Google 3D Warehouse


The Google 3D Warehouse is now the Trimble 3D Warehouse. The Trimble 3D Warehouse is a sister site for SketchUp. Designers can upload, download, and share 3D models for free. Google 3D Warehouse was first created in April, 2006 and was later sold to Trimble in June, 2012.

How the Trimble 3D Warehouse Works

Users first need to create an account. Then users can search models and collections and download a 3D model for free. Designers can upload their designs to share with other users. Just click on Upload, accept the terms of service, upload the file, and then fill in the fields for title, description, logo, and tags.

Trimble 3D Warehouse and Google Earth

Models in Trimble 3D Warehouse can be loaded into Google Earth to check for accuracy and to verify that the building model is real, current, and correctly located. Once the model is Google Earth ready and submitted, Google employees will review its qualifications and if the model passes, it will be added to the 3D Warehouse Layer. Soon users will be able to view this layer in Google Earth by checking a box labeled 3D buildings.

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