Thingiverse is a DIY website hosted by MakerBot and features open source hardware design. There are several ways to create the designs, including milling machines and 3D printing.

Zach Smith created Thingiverse in November 2008 to complement MakerBot, which creates 3D printers and Bre Pettis runs the site. With Thingiverse, creators who licensed their designs under the GNU General Public License or the Creative Commons licenses could share their designs with fellow enthusiasts.

Designers can upload their designs, customize a design that is already in the systems, start a collection, or create an app. Users who want to use the design can download the instructions and begin creating the project themselves. The designs are for home use only and are not allowed to be sold for profit. To upload designs, you need to sign up for an account. You can also comment on designs and talk about your experience to help other creators.

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