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SketchUp Pro is available for purchase and has more features than the free version. SketchUp was formally Google SketchUp, but in 2012 Trimble purchased Google SketchUp and is now Trimble SketchUp. Trimble also has a site called Trimble 3D Warehouse where users can download 3D models and share their designs with others.


SketchUp Pro has several features such as add dimensions and callouts, draw with intuitive vector line tools, export PDFs, images, and CAD files, print to scale, embed SketchUp model viewports, full-screen presentations, and select any view of your model.

  • Add Dimensions and Callouts: Use linear and angular dimensioning tools that snap to the edges of models
  • Draw with Intuitive Vector Line Tools: Shapes are editable and are customizable
  • Export PDFs, Images, and CAD Files: Export pages as DWG and DXF files, PDFs, and raster images in TIFF, JPEG, and PNG file formats
  • Print to Scale: Specify the size fo the 3D design at the beginning of your project and print your model to scale
  • Embed SketchUp Model Viewports: Insert model views where you want them. The viewports automatically update when your model changes
  • Full-screen Presentations: Documents and presentation slides are one and the same and you can jump into presentation mode at any time
  • Select Any View of Your Model: Set up viewports to see as much or as little of your model as you like

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