Polyurea ULXT66 Hardcoat

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What is Polyurea ULXT66?

Polyurea ULXT66 is a chemically-developed polymer coating stronger than most commonly used outdoor protective coatings, reaching a 60 on the Shore D Hardness Scale*. Polyurea does this by bonding at a molecular level with the surface it has been applied to, such as metal, fiberglass, concrete, plastic, or wood. As Polyurea is most typically applied by ‘spraying’ the finish onto a structure, there is maximum flexibility and bends or angles in the product have no effect. 

Polyurea ULXT66 can protect various surfaces from physical or chemical damage and can strengthen structure and improve outward appearance. Among the many benefits are its highly flexible and water-resistant properties, as well as an incredibly quick setting time. Polyurea can be used to protect outdoor or indoor wares that are prone to chemical or physical damage. Most commonly for WhiteClouds, it has been utilized to protect our foam and metal letters and models. Like any other coating, colors can be customized to create the visual effect you desire. 

Polyurea ULXT66 protects against:

  • High surface temperatures in direct sunlight
  • Sharp edges
  • Abrasion, scratches, and impact damage from climbing on or transporting
  • Water, chemical, and fire damage
  • UV Light
  • Rust and corrosion

Due to the protective effect of Polyurea, the coating has a slightly bumpy texture (like an orange peel) that can be made rougher or smoother according to the desired finish. It will not be noticeable if viewed from a distance, but if a perfectly flat finish is desired for a cleaner, close-up look, this may not be the option for you.

*The Shore Hardness Scale is determined by a material’s resistance to a test needle of various points and angles. For example, a material on the Shore A scale can withstand a needle with a blunted point with varying depths of penetration. A material on the Shore D scale can withstand a pointed needle that narrows at a 30° angle with varying depths of penetration.

Polyurea Media Clips

Here are some video clips from the Line-X brand that uses the same ULXT66 polyurea showing just how durable this product is.

Examples of our Polyurea ULXT66-coated models:

Polyurea ULXT66 FAQs:

  • How much more expensive is it?
    There is an additional cost for this hardcoat but depending on the specific project, the overall cost may be negligible. In other words, using cheaper hardcoats may actually be more time consuming to apply so the final cost of applying Polyurea is minimal and well worth it. Talk to your sales representative for an exact quote on your project.
  • What materials can Polyurea ULXT66 be applied to?
    Polyurea can be applied to virtually any material. However, because of it’s slightly bumpy texture, it may not be an option for some models, especially with fine details.
  • How much weight will it add?
    There is a small extra weight but negligible in all cases we are aware of.
  • How much more time will it add to my project?
    Polyreua ULXT66 is sprayed on quickly and dries faster than almost all other coatings or paint. It might be the quickest overall option to completing your project. 
  • Does the Polyurea hardcoat withstand temperature extremes? 
    The material is rated for use in temperatures from subzero cold to 250°F heat.
  • Can the hardcoat be removed if I don’t like the texture?
    ULXT66 is a polyurethane coating that bonds permanently. Removal of this coating is very difficult or impossible and not recommended.
  • Can I clean the hardcoat?
    Yes. The best way to keep your Polyurea-coated letters looking its best is to use a pressure-washer. For stubborn dirt and grime, we recommend using a safe cleaner like Simple Green or a citrus cleaner with a tire brush to scrub the extra tough problems.
  • Is Polyurea ULXT66 environmentally friendly?
    ULXT66 uses no VOCs or CFCs. Additionally, it is approved and certified for use in food preparation and potable (drinking) water systems.T

Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-385-206-8700 or [email protected].

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