Pirate 3D

Pirate 3D Printer

Yo ho, matey! Pirate 3D is a company that has created a 3D printer called the Buccaneer™ at an affordable price. The Buccaneer™ comes fully assembled and is easy to set up. The store is aptly called Treasure Island and the Buccaneer™ uses Cloud printing. Meaning you can alter designs on their website and then download the designs to print. The printer connects via Wi-Fi.

Pirate 3D Software and Creating 3D Models for Printing

Pirate 3D uses Smart Objects that users can edit and customize without needing to use complex 3D modeling software. Smart objects are pre-made objects (such as spheres, cubes, or teapots) that can be edited by dragging and dropping and changing the color. This will be ideal for users who are not familiar with 3D modeling software. Pirate 3D is planning on creating open source language to improve the quality and ease of using and editing Smart Objects.

Pirate 3D’s Buccaneer Design

The Buccaneer™ is smooth and sleek, like a fast-moving ship. It’s cube-shaped with a silver top, glass display, and silver print bed. Some 3D printers are bulky or unattractive, but the Buccaneer™ is something you’d be proud to display in your home and show off to your crew.

Pirate 3D is Waylaid…by Pirates!

Avast, mateys! Pirate 3D’s ship has been assailed! Bootleggers have commandeered Pirate 3D’s plans on Kickstarter and shamelessly copied and pasted them onto indiegogo. Indiegogo is investigating the riff-raff and we’re sure that justice of the high-seas will prevail.

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