Afinia 3D Printer

Alfinia 3D Printer

Afinia was founded in 2009 and created a consumer-friendly 3D printer focused on ease of use and customer support. The printer includes a spool of filament, software to import STL files, and hand tools to aid in the removal of support material. The printer comes fully assembled and is light weight, weighing 11 lbs. The printer can print objects up to five ½ inches. There are 11 Afinia filament colors to choose from. To use multiple colors, the printer can be paused and a new spool of filament added to the printer.

How Afinia 3D Printers Work

Set-up is simple and the instructions provided with the printer will go through setting up the printer step-by-step, including leveling the print platform and calibrating the nozzle. The parts of the Afinia H-Series 3D printer include the extruder, print platform, material spool, filament, and pedestal. Once you’ve set up the printer and designed your 3D model, you can begin printing. You can design your model on 3D modeling software, such as CAD software or SketchUp and then save the STL file to the Afinia software program. The Afinia program sends the design to the printer from a USB cable plugged into your computer. The extruder takes the filament from the material spool into the nozzle, heats up the filament to 260 degrees Celcius, and then prints the object layer by layer onto the platform.

Afinia 3D Printer Reviews

The Afinia 3D H-Series printer received largely favorable reviews on Amazon, including the ease of software and quality of print job. Some users have found that printed parts may warp, but Afinia includes instructions about preventing this problem. Some users had problems with other brands of filament, but Afinia has advised to use just their brand to avoid any potential problems. Afinia’s technical support was rated high and customers wrote that the technical support alone was reason enough to buy the product.

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