Selfie Home Décor 3D Backgrounds

We build custom 3D Selfie Home Décor Backgrounds

Custom 3D Selfie Home Décor Backgrounds Gallery

Selfie home décor backgrounds are perfect for taking awesome selfies at experiential and pop up museums. These larger-than-life backgrounds help to create the perfect setting for both young and old to take selfies to share with friends and family. It’s great fun sitting in a giant teacup holding an extra-large spoon or a massive lawn chair at the beach, pretending you’re upside down in the living room or writing in an oversized book. We use large foam cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, fiberglass and many other fabrication technologies to make your unique design standout. We’ve selected images from around the web and our own projects to show you the possibilities. To learn more about our custom 3D fabrication services, check out our selfie backgrounds page.

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