Month: August 2023

Netline's Luna 3D mascot digital character model

Topology Optimization

Dive deep into the synergy of topology optimization and 3D printing! Unlock a world where design meets function, creating revolutionary, efficient, and tailored products. Discover how this dynamic duo is reshaping industries, from aerospace to medicine, and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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Cheez-It giant product replica

Giant Props

Step into a realm where the ordinary becomes extraordinarily large! From massive cupcakes to colossal chairs, giant props captivate, delight, and transform spaces. Dive deep into their creation, uses, and the boundless imagination they inspire. It’s a journey from nostalgic wonder to cutting-edge innovation!

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halo master chief life-size 3D Printed statue

Video: The Making of Halo Master Chief

From the digital battlegrounds of Halo emerges a 7’3″ titan: Master Chief, crafted from 85 unique 3D prints! Dive deep into this fusion of gaming lore and 3D artistry, watching as Officer John-117 stands tall, not just in our consoles but in our reality. A monumental testament to technology and tribute to an icon!

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Largest 3D Printed Statue in the World

Video: The Making of a 30′ 3D Printed Statue

Journey into the creation of ‘Scout’, a colossal 30′ statue born from 3D printing genius. Crafted for CONEXPO/CON-AGG, this masterpiece symbolizes innovation and pays tribute to the unsung heroes of construction. Watch as digital dreams scale to towering realities, celebrating the fusion of art, technology, and human ambition!

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Dragon Archery 3D Prop

Video: 3D Dragon Sculpture

Unveil the magic of the 3D Dragon Sculpture! Watch as master artisans transform lifeless foam into legendary dragons, blending ancient myths with cutting-edge craftsmanship. Dive into a realm where dreams are sculpted into tangible wonders, and where every contour tells a timeless tale. Join the odyssey of creation!

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Satellite Map of Utah

Embark on an astral voyage across Utah! From the crimson labyrinths of Arches to Salt Lake City’s urban charm, satellites unveil the Beehive State’s unparalleled beauty. Whether it’s the enigmatic salt flats or alpine allure, experience Utah’s diverse tapestry like never before, all from a celestial vantage!

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Satellite Map of Oklahoma

Embark on a stellar voyage over Oklahoma! From the vastness of the Great Plains to the dynamic pulse of Oklahoma City, experience the Sooner State as you’ve never seen it before. Dive deep into the mysteries of lakes, rivers, and ancient mountains, all beautifully etched in the satellite’s cosmic view.

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Satellite Map of Ohio

Embark on an interstellar voyage over Ohio! Satellite imagery unveils ancient Serpent Mounds, the Ohio River’s mesmerizing bends, and cities pulsating with life. From the serene shores of Lake Erie to the bustling heart of Columbus, experience the Buckeye State’s diverse tapestry as it gleams from the cosmos.

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