Makies Doll Factory App

Makies Doll Factory App

Makies Doll Factory App, by MakieLab, is a free app that allows you to design your own doll. You can choose eye, hair, skin tone, and clothes. MakieLab is located in London, England. You can save your designs and share them on the Makies Club.

How the Makies Doll Factory Works

Design your 10″ Makie by choosing several options, such as clothes, hair, eyes, lip width, plumpness, and smile, and when you’re finished designing, you can save your design by creating an account or you can buy a 3D printed version of your doll by clicking on “Make Real”. MakieLab will then 3D print the doll you’ve designed, assemble it by hand, and dress it with hand-made clothing. The doll will then be shipped to you. This is a fun app whether or not you actually print the designs.

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