WhiteClouds Hits Crowdfunding Milestone As It Fuels Growth and Innovation

The 3D printing and manufacturing company shows market momentum by raising $500,000 on Wefunder so far.

Ogden, UT—May 23, 2017 — WhiteClouds, a 3D printing company that specializes in 3D design, software and manufacturing launched a Wefunder campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to showcase how it brings product personalization via 3D technology to businesses around the world.

After only three weeks the company has raised over $500,000 on Wefunder and continues to earn more. WhiteClouds realized that the needs of today's businesses were not being met. Businesses today need mass customization to elevate customer loyalty and engagement. Based on innovative engineering and design, WhiteClouds successfully addresses the problems faced by today's busnesses in areas of mass customization, mass production, lead time, production cycles and supply chain simplification by delivering a superior system, WhiteClouds calls 3D Printing in the Cloud.

"Wefunder is the ideal platform to launch WhiteClouds funding and to raise awareness of what we do so well," said Jerry Ropelato, Founder and CEO of WhiteClouds. "We are pleased with the success of our campaign so far because it demonstrates our value as a company and the greater value we provide in meeting the world's demand for personalization through 3D printing.

WhiteClouds proprietary 3D Printing in the Cloud platform has transformed manufacturing and 3D technology operations to an "as a service" model ("3DaaS"). This 3DaaS model provides businesses with limitless product customization — no expertise in 3D design, software or equipment necessary. WhiteClouds 3DaaS boasts a number of solutions for industries like:

  • Healthcare: Professionals can utilize 3D printed models with patient specific perspectives based on CT Scans or MR Images to assist in pre-operative planning and patient education and consultation.
  • Architectural: Builders and architects can create and deliver detailed, high-quality, full-color 3D printed buildings to excite buyers, market the project and provide tangible dimensions.
  • Entertainment: Gamers can print the character's they've built as a trophy delivered right to their doorstep through simple integrations made possible by WhiteClouds partnerships with leading video game creators.

Visit WhiteClouds Wefunder page to invest, meet the founders, and learn more about how WhiteClouds provides the leading end-to-end 3D cloud solution. To learn more and invest, visit www.wefunder.com/whiteclouds.

About WhiteClouds

Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, WhiteClouds provides 3D Printing in the Cloud which bundles proprietary software, technology and printing to bring mass personalization to businesses. WhiteClouds advances tomorrow's businesses by offering limitless product customization throughout the product life cycle from prototyping to mass production. WhiteClouds provides the leading end-to-end 3D cloud solution with its software, 2 pending patents and a facility that houses the largest full-color 3D printing capacity in the world.

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