Face Shield on a mannequin Face Shields in use in a classroom

WhiteClouds is now producing medical face shields, over 50,000 and counting. These clear plastic shields cover the face below the chin and to the ears. There is a soft blue foam sealing the forehead. A comfortable stretch cord adjusts to any head size.

A recent article in JAMA came out in favor of medical face shields compared to surgical or home-made cloth masks. Here is why we find face shields better:

  1. More Comfortable
  2. Protects the entire face
  3. Doesn't heat up like wearing masks
  4. Glasses fit comfortably under the medical face shield
  5. Easy to clean and disinfect
  6. Inexpensive and easy to buy
  7. Remind wearer not to touch face
  8. Instant shielding from unexpected break in physical distancing
  9. Enables lip reading for deaf and hard-of-hearing communication
  10. Glasses don't slide down or fly off like they do with the face masks (caused from humidity that loosens the hold on the glasses around the nose)
  11. You can eat while wearing a face shield.

WhiteClouds medical face shields are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean with household disinfectants. Several articles by JAMA, WebMd, and Business Insider agree that medical face shields may be the solution to re-opening society over face masks. In the end, masks protect other people from you; face shields protect you from other people. You can purchase our medical face shields at: https://store.whiteclouds.com/FaceShield.html

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