Custom Football Selfie Thrones

Selfie throne for the Seattle Seahawks

For some, attending an NFL game is a common occurrence but for others it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Why not make either circumstance an experience of a lifetime by taking a selfie in an awesome football throne. Fans of all ages love to take pictures and share the unforgettable moments they’ve captured on film. WhiteClouds makes a variety of thrones for the ultimate fan experience at sporting events and trade shows. To learn more, see our Custom Selfie Thrones page.

Selfie throne for Indianapolis Colts Selfie throne for the New Orleans Saints Selfie throne for the Minnesota Vikings

Selfie throne for Denver Broncos Selfie throne for Texas Texans Selfie throne for the Miami Dolphins

Selfie throne Dolphins closeup Selfie throne Broncos closeup view Selfie throne New Orleans Saints closeup