Face Shield being used by a dentist

WhiteClouds is now 3D Printing dental face shields. These face shields are designed to be used with or without loupes. Loupes (magnifying lens attached to glasses) project out from the face several inches. These special 3D printed extender face shields make it possible to protect from splash and cough contamination and still wear loupes.

Re-opening dental practices to care for patients’ teeth across the country is very important. Dentists need protection while performing intricate dental and endodontic procedures.

These dental face shields are designed to fit comfortably over the loupes. WhiteClouds dental face shields come packaged with 10 removable shields. They can be sanitized easily between patients or quickly replaced if severely contaminated to enable thorough cleanliness.

Dentists have also found our regular face shields provide great protection and comfort in use for regular exams. Face shields protect the dentist and the patient.

You can purchase our medical face shields at: https://store.whiteclouds.com/Dental-Personal-Protection-Equipment.html

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