Bettcher Blade Industrial Model

Displaying the fine details and design of a new product increases understanding and collaboration. Industrial models bring 2D plans to life and give you a more complete picture of your idea. They can be fabricated with expanded polystyrene (EPS), wood, and a variety of 3D printing technologies including sandstone-like, digital plastic, and UV-cured resin. Some industrial models fit on a table while others are large enough to hang from the rafters. Either way, they’re great displays for any trade show or event. To learn more, see our Industrial Models page.

This Bettcher Blade measures 8 feet in diameter and was built for strength and durability then painted with high-gloss metallic paint for a stainless-steel-like finish. This display is sure to get your brand noticed.

Bettcher Blade Industrial Model Installation of the Bettcher Blade Industrial Model at the venue Bettcher Blade Industrial Model angled view

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