Started in 1986 by Charles "Chuck" Hull, 3D Systems was the first rapid prototyping company in the world and a pioneer in the 3D printing industry. They continue to be the leading additive manufacturing company in overall growth and sales.

3D Systems has continued to grow through organic means as well as acquiring other additive manufacturing companies whose technology varies from professional-quality 3D printers to consumer-grade desktop printers. They specialize in rapid-prototyping and tooling for custom projects, sales of various 3D printing technologies and consumables, applications in medial and dental including prosthetic limbs and hearing aids. They have also partnered with other tech companies such as Motorola (to create custom, modular smartphones) and Nooka (a 3D printed watch collection) to expand their product line and strengthen their brand influence.

In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked 3D Systems 4th in their "Fastest Growing Tech Companies" of 2013. They were the only 3D printing company to place on the list of 25.

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